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Special pre-listening & talk event of Jeff Mills' new album "PLANETS" *Ticket required

                    Mr. Jeff Mills  ©Ryu Kasai

A special pre-listening & talk event for the music created on the concept of "planets" newly composed by Mr. Jeff Mills, a world-class musician, a techno-producer and DJ, will be held on November 15th at Miraikan. Mr. Jeff Mills has collaborated with Miraikan for the composition of the "Inner Cosmos Soundtrack", the music for Miraikan's symbol exhibit the "Geo-Cosmos" in 2013, and performing at an event with the universe as the theme.

Ahead of the "PLANETS"' new release, the special event merges science and music. The event is held at Miraikan's Dome Theater with a 5.1 channel sound system. You can enjoy the music along with the projections of the solar system on a full dome. The event is a precious opportunity to hear comments about the music from Mr. Jeff Mills himself. Also Miraikan's science communicator will give a science talk entitled "Universe, Planets: then, now and tomorrow", which comes along the music's theme. This is a very special event with the theme of "planets" and "music" at Miraikan.

Date and Time
(1) 16:30-18:00, (2) 18:30-20:00, (3) 20:30-22:00 on November 15 (Tue), 2016
Dome Theater, 6F, Miraikan
AXIS Records, U/M/A/A Inc.
Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation


\1,000 (tax incl.) *Tickets at the link below *No ticket sale at the venue
Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Tel: 03-3570-9151

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