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Earth Camp 2016 "Drawing Our Earth"

Colors drawn by participants
A scene from the workshop

What color is the Earth? Seen from space, the Earth seems shining blue.
However, the Earth, as we see it in our everyday lives, has many different colors. Each person's perception of the Earth is unique. What color that you see in your life is your favorite? Share your view with us. On a sheet of paper, draw the most impressive color you encountered in your life, and put it in the clear box. Feel free to check pictures drawn by other participants.

October 15 (Sat) - 22 (Sat), 2016
Symbol Zone 1F, Miraikan
Free of charge
How to participate
Please come to the venue.
Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Tel: 03-3570-9151 (main)

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