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Mid-autumn full moon; Moon-viewing at Miraikan! 2014 [Event during regular opening hours]


From September 1 (Mon) to 8 (Mon) (excluding September 2), during the regular opening hours of the museum (10:00-17:00), we offer an occasion where visitors can learn more about moon viewing.
Date: September 1 (Mon) - 8 (Mon), 2014, 10:00-17:00 (excluding September 2)

* There are also other performances the "Night Museum for Adults," the main event of "Mid-autumn full moon; Moon-viewing at Miraikan!," on September 5 (Fri) and 6 (Sat).

1.The Moon on Geo-Cosmos

Geo-Cosmos, the symbolic exhibit of the museum with a diameter of 6m, will have data of the moon projected on its surface. Visitors can enjoy moon viewing at daytime. At 10:30, 12:30 and 15:30, the science navigators will guide you with a live narration about moon viewing in the past, present, and future. There are also explanation panels on scientific topics related to the moon.
Times: every hour and half hour (5 minutes each time)
Venue: Symbol exhibit Geo-Cosmos

2. VR Theater "4D2U--Mid-Autumn Full Moon"

Using the "Four-Dimensional Digital Universe (4D2U)," which visualizes the universe in three dimensions (space) + one dimension (time), a live performance is provided under the theme of "moonlight." It is a program to convey the brightness of moonlight, with which people can see each other's faces clearly even on a dark night, and provide a glimpse of how human beings have felt about moonlight. You can also try experiencing some unusual moon viewing occasions: watching satellites from other planets in the solar system.
Time: 15:20 (about 20 minutes long)
Venue: VR Theater within the permanent exhibition space on the 5th floor
Capacity: 25
* Reservation tickets are distributed at the information counter on the 5th floor on the day of the performance on a first-come-first-served basis

3. Science Mini-Talk "This Year's Moon-Viewing Is Twice as Enjoyable!"

Because of the traditional calendar, this year's mid-autumn full moon comes relatively early on September 8, while there is a total lunar eclipse on October 8, occurring under the best observation conditions in three years. We will make some useful suggestions to fully enjoy the autumn moon twice, and the latest science information that serves as tips. How was the rabbit on the moon formed (in Japan, the patterns observed on the moon's surface are usually referred to as a rabbit), and what is the moon's interior like? Such mysteries are gradually becoming solved. A science communicator will guide you.
Date: 113:30 (about 15 minutes long) September 1 (Mon) - 8 (Mon), 2014
Venue: 5F Permanent exhibition floor
Capacity: 20
* Please directly visit the venue.

September 1 (Mon) - 8 (Mon), 2014
Permanent exhibition floors of Miraikan
Participation fee
Admission fee only
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) Phone: +81-3-3570-9151 (pilot number)

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