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Innovative Sweden Exhibition - 20 Innovations for Tomorrow's world -


This exhibition features the most cutting-edge innovations in the world,produced by 20start-up companies that have achieved significant growth in the following four sectors in Sweden: ICT (Information and communications technology),Life Science,Clean Technology,and Gaming.

This exhibition was first launched at Stanford University in Silicon Valley in 2011,and has since toured seven cities around the world (California,Washington DC,Toronto,Rio de Janeiro, Beijing,Shanghai,and Berlin),mobilizing a total of approximately 40,000people. This is the first time the exhibition is being held in Japan.

Despite being a small country with a population of about 9.5million people,Sweden has produced a large number of companies with an active presence in the global community,in sectors ranging from science and technology,as well as energy and the environment,to design,and welfare. This progress is driven by the strong spirit of entrepreneurship that each individual citizen possesses. The Swedish government has developed an environment to support those who wish to engage in start-ups. At the same time,it also provides financial support to assist in the growth of companies,thereby creating a support system that plays a role in strengthening the global competitiveness of Swedish companies.

Content of the Exhibition

Featuring the technologies produced by 20Swedish start-ups in four sectors: ICT (Information and communications technology),Life Science,Clean Technology,and Gaming. (The following is an introduction to some of the 20items in the exhibition.)

1. ICT (Information and communications technology)

Penny / Interactive Glasses
When you put on these glasses,you will not only be able to see the sights that are before your eyes; through augmented reality technology (AR),various information will also be projected to you in combination with the real-world sights. You can manipulate the information projected through the glasses simply by moving your head,and activate mouse-button commands through jaw muscle movements created by chewing motions.

Tobii / Eye-controlled computers

Through the application of eye tracking technology that enables computers to accurately identify where users are looking,it has become possible to type,click,and create texts on a computer simply with eye movements. Since eye control provides an intuitive and natural user interface,it can be operated easily by children,adults,and those with special needs. Corporate partners are already providing eye tracking technology in areas such as hospitals,computer manufacturing,and game development.

2. Life Science

Bioservo / Boosting hand strength
These are strength-boosting gloves that mimic the human anatomy. Artificial tendons and motors in the gloves enable the wearer to bend his or her fingers,making it easy to lift heavy objects. The gloves are also easy to operate,and can therefore be used to assist in physical tasks for those who have weakened hand strength,such as those who are ill or injured.

3. Clean Technology

MyFC / Green cell phone charger
This portable fuel cell charger comes in a set comprising a fuel cell and a portable battery pack. It can be used to provide or store power anywhere,at any time,and is able to charge small electronic equipment such as cell phones and digital cameras. It is an environmentally friendly product as it makes use of water.

4. Gaming

Algoryx / Learning through gaming
Science,technology,engineering,and mathematics (STEM) are emphasized as the essential elements that drive innovation. Algoryx is an educational system that enables fun learning for STEM subjects. For example,when users draw shapes on computer screens,the shapes begin to move around based on the laws of physics. Such activities allow users to experience the world of physics in various settings and situations. Through this software,users can learn about the scientific processes of experiencing a phenomenon,constructing a hypothesis,validating the hypothesis,and drawing conclusions.

jDome / Step into a larger world
This is a miniature foldable theater dome that can easily be used in homes. Simply by installing the software and hardware that the user has on hand,users can enjoy the realistic presence created by 3D images.

October 2(Wed.) - October 18(Fri.),2013
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan),1F Exhibition Space a
Free (Permanent exhibitions: Adults,600yen,18years old and under,200yen)
The Swedish Institute
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
Supported by
Embassy of Sweden,Tokyo
Planning and production
The Swedish Institute
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

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