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Demonstrating testing of ASIMO as an autonomous explaining robot

ASIMO recognizing visitors’ intentions instantly by the show of their hands / Photo credit: Honda
ASIMO showing a picture of the image it had captured in real-time, and explaining its own functions / Photo credit: Honda

In this demonstration testing of an autonomous explaining robot, ASIMO will autonomously explain its own features to Miraikan visitors. It will communicate interactively with visitors by asking questions that they can respond to by raising their hands, predicting their intentions based on their responses, and providing explanations in an easy-to-understand manner that includes gestures.

In addition, the images seen by the ASIMO will be displayed on a screen to give visitors a glimpse into how robots recognize and identify the movements of human beings, providing a rare view into the inner workings of robots.

This is the first such experiment in Japan and overseas. The various forms of data obtained through ASIMO's communication with Miraikan visitors will be applied to future robotics research. As such, this is truly an opportunity for visitors to participate in an ongoing robotics research and development activity.

Weekdays from July 3 (Wed.) - August 2 (Fri.), 2013 *Excludes July 29 (Mon.) (Available on July 15 (Mon./Public holiday)
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), 3F, "Creating the Future" Robot Stage
Starting time
Six times a day, each lasting approx. 10 minutes (subject to change) 10:10, 11:45, 12:30, 14:45, 15:45, 16:30 *Demonstration testing may not be available due to maintenance or other reasons.

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