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Using the "cutting edge" of science to access cellular programs -- iPS cells and our future

Dr. Shinya Yamanaka (Copyright: Center for iPS cell Research and Application, Kyoto University)
Dr. Ian Wilmut

"With some basic knowledge, technically anyone can create iPS cells." These are the words of Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, who first generated iPS cells in 2006 by artificial manipulation. iPS cells have the potential to differentiate into various cells. It can be said that iPS cells were created by changing the fate of the cells, or in other words, by "reprogramming" the cells. There is considerable excitement around the world for the use of iPS cells in the treatment of many diseases and injuries. What applications do you see for iPS cells? This event offers an opportunity to think about the many possibilities offered by iPS cells as a tool. Dr. Ian Wilmut, who led the research team that cloned Dolly the sheep and Dr. Shinya Yamanaka will attend the event.

Dr. Ian Wilmut

Director of the Medical Research Council Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh
Born in Hampton, England, in 1944.
Ian Wilmut was the leader of the team that produced Dolly the sheep, the first clone from an adult animal. The group then went on to use the new methods to introduce precise genetic change into livestock so that they produced in their milk a protein that is needed to treat human disease. His aim now is to be able to produce human cells for use in treatment of disease.

Dr. Shinya Yamanaka
Director of the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA) at Kyoto University
Born in Osaka in 1962.
In 2007, he developed the technology to establish iPS cells by introducing four types of genes into human skin cells. This achievement drew global attention. He aims to develop methods that will become global standards for establishing and assessing iPS cells, and through disease-specific iPS cells, hopes to contribute to medical research in the areas of pathogenesis and drug discovery. He holds his present post since 2010.

Special Screening of "Young Alive! -iPS Cells for a New Future-" during "iPS Cells for a New Future" Week

On the day of the symposium, the additional show of "Young Alive! -iPS Cells for a New Future" will be held from 18:30. If you will join, please take the reservation ticket before the sympoisum starts (16:00). For that show, reservation tickets will be given out in front of the Dome Theater GAIA on 6F from 14:30 till 16:30 on 17th June.
*The ticket for the permanent exhibition is necessary for reservation.
*The reservation desk will be closed when seats are fully booked.


June 17 (Sun.),2012 16:00-18:00 (Reception starts at 15:15)
1F Symbol Zone, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
500 persons
How to enter
Please apply through Miraikan website, on a first-come first served-basis. As soon as the number of applications reaches capacity, reception will be closed. We will accept applications from 10:00 on April 27 (Fri.). *This event will be broadcasted live via Ustream in two lines for Japanese and English, including the appearances of the participants. Recorded images may also be released via YouTube, etc., at a later date. Thank you for your understanding.
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Supported by
Center for iPS cell Research and Application, Kyoto University ISSCR (International Society for Stem Cell Research)
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Tel: +81-3-3570-9151

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