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"Welcome Back, HAYABUSA!" Capsule Exhibition Event

Courtesy of JAXA

"HAYABUSA" landed on the asteroid "Itokawa," located approximately 300 million km away from Earth, and brought back a sample from its surface, the first time this had ever been done. It succeeded in safely bringing home its re-entry capsule in June. In this event, we will exhibit the capsules and parachute of "HAYABUSA" that successfully completed this remarkable mission and will look back on the grand journey that lasted 7 years.

■ Main Exhibits
Instrument module, mounted electronic device, parachute, engineering model

How to enter
We will hand out numbered tickets beginning at 9:00 AM at the left side of the main entrance. (After we distribute all numbered tickets for that day, admission will be closed.)
Free (However, additional fees may apply for the Permanent Exhibition and the Special Exhibition.)
* We prohibit the taking of any pictures of exhibits to include pictures taken with a cell phone.  * Since the number of visitors is anticipated to be great, you may experience a significant wait under the guidance of the attendants. * We ask for your understanding and your cooperation for viewing the exhibits without stopping based on the instructions of the attendant since many visitors are estimated during the term. * There may be the possibility that you might have to wait outside for a long time so please be sure to come prepared with clothes that you can adjust your body temperature. In addition to this, please be sure to notify the attendant if you ever get sick while you are waiting.
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