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Harvest Moon: Let's Have a Moonlight Party in Miraikan! 2010

At Miraikan, as with previous years, various events related to the Harvest Moon will be held this year as well. The Harvest Moon will be visible on September 22. "Meeting on Lunar Exploration," which showcases Japan's Lunar Exploration Plan, has concluded folowing its 9th meeting. The guideline for Japan's Lunar Exploration Plan that was put together this year will be introduced through a special exhibition. Other events, such as the opportunity to experience the extravehicular space suit, and other features will be held. Please don't miss this opportunity.

September 15 (Wed.) - 23 (Thu./Holiday), 2010
Permanent Exhibition area, etc., National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation


Event Outline

Symbol exhibit Geo-Cosmos transforms into the Moon

Symbol exhibit Geo-Cosmos transforms into the Moon
Geo-Cosmos transforms into the Moon
(Courtesy of JAXA)

The world's first spherical display, "Geo-Cosmos," with approximately 1 million LEDs covering its 6.5 meter diameter surface, will be transformed into the Moon.
Visitors can enjoy viewing images of the Moon taken with the Moon observation satellite "KAGUYA" during daytime.

Time: 10:00 - 17:00 (Projected every 10 min.)
Venue: 1F Symbol Zone
* Can also be viewed from the Permanent Exhibition area of the 3F and 5F.

Special exhibition "Immigration to the Moon! What will happen to our lifestyle? Check your fitness with 15 points"

Why don't you start preparing for the day humans will live on the Moon? As we compare life on Earth and the Moon, let's check the difference. If you clear all 15 points you may find out how well you could live on the moon.

Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Venue: Within the Permanent Exhibition area of 3F and 5F

Let's try on a spacesuit! (Date and time limited)

Let's try on a spacesuit!
Extravehicular space suit
(Courtesy of JAXA)

For those who have visited all 15 points of the special exhibition, trying on the extravehicular space suit is an added treat. Why don't you take a memorial photo in front of the picture of the Earth as seen from the Moon taken by "KAGUYA" as a souvenir of your own "Moon flight?"

Date: September 19 (Sun.) and 20 (Mon./Holiday), 2010 10:30 - 16:30
Venue: 3F Science Library
Target age: Children whose height is 150 cm and under

Special program "4D2U - spacewalk - Harvest Moon version"

4D2U - spacewalk - Harvest Moon version
Moon formation simulation
(c)4D2U Project, NAOJ

3D images of NAOJ's The Four-Dimensional Digital Universe (4D2U) Project produced based on the cutting-edge observation results and simulation will be shown in a version that focuses on the Moon as the science communicator presents a live discussion.

Time: 11:30/13:00/15:00 (Each time approx. 25 min.)
Venue: 5F VR Theater * Reservation ticket will be distributed on the current day at the 5F information station. (Each showing will accommodate 30 people/Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis.)

Miraikan Shop Harvest Moon related section

"Harvest Moon section" will be prepared as goods related to the Moon and space, such as books, DVDs, etc., will be displayed and sold.

Venue: 1F Miraikan Shop

Harvest Moon limited time offer Restaurant and Cafe special dish

A special dish related to the moon will be prepared at the 7F Restaurant "LA TERRE" and the 5F Cafe.

Venue: 7F Restaurant "LA TERRE" and 5F Cafe


Participation Fee
Admission fee only * However, admission is free for the talk event held at the 7F Innovation Hall and the 1F Symbol Zone.
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
In association with
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)/TISF2010 Organizing Committee
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Tel: +81-3-3570-9151 (Main)

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