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Earth Lounge Vol. 6 "Our World, Other Worlds - Earth Theory in Progress"

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Graffiti Exhibition

The Earth Lounge series, which is based on the concept of "thinking about the Earth under the symbol exhibit Geo-Cosmos," introduces unique projects that focus on the great theme of our planet Earth each year. This year, we will provide an opportunity to have visitors feel the earth through new parameters such as through interaction among diverse people and projects. These include researchers of marine science deep sea drilling who aim for the untouched depths of our planet, Earth and planetary research projects that attract attention for unraveling the overall history of Earth, and rappers and graffiti artists who are active on the streets.

Included in this event is the world's most advanced program "The 21st century COE program, 'EARTH: How to build habitable planets?,' an undertaking of the Tokyo Institute of Technology," which responds to the compelling questions of humans concerning how our habitable planet was created. Researchers of cutting-edge earth and planetary science, environmental chemistry and life science not only will unravel the history of earth up to today, but will aim to scientifically discuss "the existence of life on other planets" as they present perspectives gathered from diverse scientific fields. The progress of those research projects will be introduced by talk events with nine researchers who are at the forefront of their fields and with the live performance of SEEDA, who is a rapper attracting wide attention with his unique language sense and skills. In addition to this, graffiti artists led by Mr. KRESS will draw new graffiti as they receive inspiration from ideas regarding Earth that are about to change with advances in science.

"What is inside the earth that lies beneath our feet?" To find clues for that mystery, we turned to the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), a marine science deep sea drilling project led by Japan and the United States which was launched in 2003. Japan continues to explore the earth using the world's first deep sea drilling vessel "CHIKYU" that performs core sample drilling of the remote ocean floor at remarkable depths. Researchers that will play a central role in the research of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc drilling, which is planned next year, will introduce what kind of research is to take place.

With stoic passion and a spirit of inquiry, visions toward the world and how it is depicted will evolve. Please come and experience the most thrilling "Earth theory" that exceeds previously known genres.

<Graffiti (Mural) Exhibition>
Based on a new perspective seen from currently progressing earth research, four artists will create a huge piece of graffiti art as vibrant and unfettered as if they were on the street. This mural will be used symbolically in each of the talk and live events.
Graffiti Artist: KRESS/KANE (ARK), NEIM/KUNI (shizentomotel)

September 27 (Sat.) - October 19 (Sun.), 2008
1F Symbol Zone, Miraikan
Free (Additional fees for live performance)
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
The 21st century COE program "EARTH: How to build habitable planets?" of the Tokyo Institute of Technology/Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
Asahipen Corporation/INCS toenter/Taguchi Co.,Ltd./Newton Press/Advanced Earth Science & Technology Organization(AESTO)/Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium(J-DESC)/Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)/Shibuya University Network
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation TEL: +81-3-3570-9151 / FAX: +81-3-3570-9150

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