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Let's Meet a Scientist! Permanent Exhibition "Earth Environment and Me" Opening Memorial Series Vol. 1: Mr. Masamitsu Funaoka "New Ways of Using and Viewing Trees"

Mr. Masamitsu Funaoka

Commemorating the opening of "Earth Environment and Me," we will hold the "Let's Meet a Scientist" event in 4 series. The general editor, Mr. Masamitsu Funaoka, will hold the first event.
In order to solve the environmental problems that humans are currently facing, it becomes necessary to focus on the natural world and Earth itself. The ongoing climactic mechanism of Earth, such as a stable climate and circulation, is what supports our existence. For example, in forests, the basis of the ecosystem is formed as the flow of molecules, such as CO2, is absorbed by trees and then released back into atmosphere. By studying the way these forest resources are used in nature, we can understand the ideal science and technology which humans should aim for.
We will introduce a recycling industry of the future that uses trees wisely in conjunction with this cycle. Let's discuss the ideal future society.

Lecturer: Masamitsu Funaoka (Professor, Graduate School/Faculty of Bioresources, Mie University)

- History -
1975: After graduating from the Graduate School of the Faculty of Agriculture, becomes an assistant at Mie University
1985: Becomes an associate professor
1987 - 1988: Affiliate professor of Michigan Technological University
1990 - 1991: Becomes an affiliate professor of State University of New York
1991: Attains his current position
Working as a representative researcher for JST (CREST, SORST) since 1999

- Field of expertise -
Resource Environmental Chemistry/Plant Material Chemistry/Resource Engineering/Lignin Transition Engineering

October 18 (Sat.), 2008 14:30 - 16:00
5F "Earth Environment and Me," Miraikan
40 people
Admission fee only
Method of Application
Apply through WEB
TEL: +81-3-3570-9215 (SC Promotion Room: Ikebe/Ishikawa)

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