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"Pterosaurs; Rulers of the Skies in the Age of Dinosaurs" Exhibition Relative Event "Pterosaurs VS Rodan: Strongest in Imagination! The World of Ancient Creatures and Monsters"

Koichi Kawakita
Hideki Endo
Masashi Kato
Tomoyuki Oohashi

[Outline of talk event]

With the title "Pterosaurs VS Rodan," researchers that love monster movies and movie people that love Pterosaurs gathered at the event site of the Pterosaurs exhibition.
At the event site where the 10 m bone structure of Pterosaurs floated, special effects director Mr. Koichi Kawakita, of the movie "Godzilla" series, and Mr. Hideki Endo, professor of the University of Tokyo, engaged in a discussion. Visitors can enjoy a meaningful night where the giant organisms of the ancient world and the imaginary world will be discussed through the topic of monsters, ancient creatures and special effects filming.

[Introduction of guests]

* Koichi Kawakita
Koichi Kawakita
Born 1942 in Tokyo: Joined the Special Effects Division of Toho Co., Ltd. in 1962
Worked under Eiji Tsuburaya (Special Effects Director)
Made first appearance in the special effects of Tsuburaya Production's "Ultraman Ace" After that, oversaw "Ultraman Taro," "Japan Sinks," and "Journey to West"

Since his movie debut of "SAMURAI!," he has worked on many projects and was placed in charge of Godzilla special effects for the first time in "Godzilla VS Biollante." He won an award for special effects in the Japan Academy Awards for "Godzilla VS King Ghidorah" and received an award for special effects in the 38th Asia Pacific Film Festival for "Godzilla VS Mothra." He has also worked with many images for TV commercials and expositions and has created simulation images and large-scale 3D images. He was in charge of direction and production of the special effects division for the television series "Super Star God Gransazer" (aired 2003).

* Hideki Endo
Born 1965 in Tokyo: Fully enjoys images that hold a unique viewpoint in the category of science fiction, monsters and war movies. He became deeply fascinated by "Silent Running," "633 SQUADRON," and "Ladyhawke."
He loves trains and is well versed about the engines used in railway transportation. His books are "History of evolution in the failure of the human body," "Dissecting man" and "The dead body of a Panda comes back to life." Anatomist: He is the Professor of The University Museum, The University of Tokyo.

* Masashi Kato
Born 1963 in Tokyo: He loves animals, especially dogs, and strongly believes he has the ability to attract them. He translated science fiction classics into children's books and is a narrator for DVDs. On the other hand, he writes books on the military and Budo under the pen name Kei Kuwasawa.
His translation works include "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" and "The War of the Worlds." As his own work, there is "Miyamoto Musashi Kaku Tatakaeri" (PHP books). His narration work includes Toho DVD "MATANGO" and "Swordplay in Japan" (Gakken).

* Tomoyuki Ohashi
Born 1976 in Fukushima Prefecture: His field of expertise is vertebrate paleontology. Currently engaged in researching the meaning of the form of organisms and the function and form of the evolution, especially in ornithopoda. As a child, he made a commitment that one day he would become a professor. He was drawn to dinosaurs due to the influence of the animation films his grandmother purchased for him when he was in kindergarten. He deeply loves horses and belongs to the Japanese Society of Equine Science and the Paleontological Society of Japan. 

August 9 (Sat.), 2008 18:30 - 20:00
1F Exhibition Space a, within the exhibition site of "Pterosaurs; Rulers of the Skies in the Age of Dinosaurs," Miraikan
An admission ticket is necessary
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80 people (first come, first served basis)
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation/The Asahi Shimbun Company
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation TEL: +81-3-3570-9253 (Museum Service Operation Division)

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