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Weekend Cafe Concert No. 37 "Babar" for piano and storytelling

When you endeavor to understand nature, science is created; and music starts, too.
From ancient times, music was thought of as something like an application of science.
The studies of musical scales in ancient times and cosmology in modern times would have not existed if it were not for the unity of music and science.
Try thinking of the origin of creativity as you sense the correlation between music and science.

February 16 (Sat.), 2008 15:30 - 16:00
Francis Poulenc: "L'Histoire de Babar" for Piano and Storytelling "Babar" is a notable character who is well known throughout the world. It is the story of a brave yet small elephant by Jean de Brunhoff. This piece is for piano and narration as composer Poulenc put music to this wonderful story. It is a fun piece as the music and recitation are put together sophisticatedly and present imagery much like one flipping through a picture book.
Piano: Setsuko Tobari Recitation: Asuka Tanami
5F Cafe, Miraikan
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
The musician society of Koto-ku
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation TEL: 03-3570-9151 (Main)

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