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Moon festival in Miraikan 2018

This year's full Harvest Moon will be visible on September 24. Come and think about the Moon through the display of the images of the Moon, panel exhibition, and talk sessions with science communicators.
Period: September 15 (Sat.) - September 24 (Mon.), 2018
Venue: 1~5F, Miraikan
Organizer: Miraikan


Science Agora 2018 Keynote Lecture "ANA's endeavor to connect all 7.5 billion people on Earth"

This keynote lecture will cover the unique challenge undertaken by ANA as it collaborates with diverse stakeholders across the world on a global initiative that is not restricted to just one company.
Date and Time:13:30-14:30,November 9th(Fri),2018
Venue: Miraikan Hall ,7F ,Miraikan
Organizer:Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)