You can see many faces of the Earth on the Geo-Cosmos, a giant globe-like display.

Geo-Cosmos Screening

geo-cosmos_TheSearchingPlanet.jpg "The Searching Planet"

Visualizes people's questions and provides a lens through which to see our changing interests and desires.
11:15 (Approximately 9 minutes)

20180619_tenki_pc1.jpg "Chemical Weather Forecast - Materials causing photochemical smog"

These visualizations shows the effects human activities have on the Earth's environment. The works present new simulation results obtained using the Earth Simulator supercomputer.
13:15 / 14:15 (Approximately 2 minutes)

"Apollo 11 "The Eagle has landed."

The content features the surface of the moon with a realistic three-dimensional effect, as well as the landing point of the Apollo spacecraft intermingled with the audio communications recording from the actual flight.
10:30 / 13:30 / 15:30 (Approximately 3 minutes)

"Seeing Global Warming"

Take a look, through Geo-Cosmos, at the distribution of carbon dioxide emitted by us on the Earth. Understanding the current state is the first step toward tackling global warming.
10:15 / 12:15 / 15:15 (Approximately 3 minutes)

20180619_mono_pc1.jpg "World Processor" (POLITICAL BORDERS, INTERNET USERS, LIFE EXPECTANCY)

Created by Mr. Ingo Gunther, the "World Processor" is a project that illustrates various aspects of the Earth based on factual data.
16:15 (Approximately 3 minutes)

20180619_mono_pc1.jpg Geo-Cosmos Content Contest Award-winning Works

The worlds that splits and converges, If you only knew you 11:50 (Approximately 2 minutes) /
Time Particles 12:00 (Approximately 1 minute) /
Play ball 12:30 (Approximately 1 minute) /
The Surface -Appear and disappear- 14:40 (Approximately 1 minute)

* Demonstrations are subject to change of time or cancellation. We ask for your understanding.

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