You can see many faces of the Earth on the Geo-Cosmos, a giant globe-like display.

Geo-Cosmos Screening

29_tsunagaru_main_1.jpg "The Movements"

Based on the theme "Human Activities and Changes in Earth View," this screening traces the trajectory of human history through various forms of data related to the concept of "movement."
11:45 / 16:15 (Approximately 10 minutes)

geo-cosmos_TheSearchingPlanet.jpg "The Searching Planet"

Visualizes people's questions and provides a lens through which to see our changing interests and desires.
11:15 / 13:15 (Approximately 9 minutes)

20180619_tenki_pc1.jpg "Carbon dioxide concentration observed by "IBUKI", Chemical Weather Forecast - Materials causing photochemical smog"

These visualizations shows the effects human activities have on the Earth's environment. The works present new observations of greenhouse gases made by the "Ibuki" (GOSAT) satellite, and new simulation results obtained using the Earth Simulator supercomputer.
10:15 / 14:15 (Approximately 3 minutes)

tsunagari_PHE02.jpg "Picture Happiness on Earth 2016-17" Video Works

Six 2 minute visual works were created by Japanese female teenagers based on scenarios provided by students from countries of the Asia-Pacific region on the topic of "what is happiness".
Japan / New Zealand / Korea : 12:15 (Approximately 9 minutes)
Thailand / Australia / Taiwan : 15:15 (Approximately 9 minutes)
Picture Happiness on Earth Special Site

* Demonstrations are subject to change of time or cancellation. We ask for your understanding.

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