November 30, 2012 Guest

Guest : 38 embassy staff members including 11 ambassadors

Representatives from the respective embassies, including 11 ambassadors, visited National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan).

They viewed the Geo-Cosmos and ASIMO demonstrations on the third floor, as well as the exhibition on "The Drive Force of Innovation. At the Dome Theater located on the sixth floor, they watched the program "BIRTHDAY - What Links the Universe and Me -" through the All Sky View super high precision 3D image system called "Atmos."

During the Geo-Cosmos demonstration, Miraikan's Director Dr. Mamoru Mohri delivered the message that Miraikan aims to disseminate to the world through the "TSUNAGARI" project. The visitors were then shown the vision of the Earth as seen from space, as well as the vision of the Earth at night (by projecting the part of the Earth that is not exposed to the Sun at night on the entire globe, the lives and activities of people on the dark globe are illuminated as a bright spot.) The visitors express surprise at the light steps of the ASIMO during the ASIMO demonstration. They were also impressed by the Dome Theater, which concluded their visit, calling it "Wonderful!"

It is hoped that this visit will open the door to even more active exchanges between Miraikan and other countries.

(Science Communicator: Michiko Toyoda)

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