August 28, 2012 Guest

Guest : Francois Lonseny Fall (Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic of Guinea)
His Excellency, Mr. Mohamed Lamine Toure (Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea to Japan)

Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic of Guinea, Mr. Francois Lonseny Fall, and Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea to Japan, His Excellency, Mr. Mohamed Lamine Toure, visited the Miraikan.

They were first given an introduction to the exhibits and activities of Miraikan by Executive Director, Motohide Konaka. They also exchanged views with Executive Director Konaka on the importance of Japan's science and technology diplomacy. Mr. Fall commented that Japan has made significant progress in science and technology, and that one of the reasons for the visit had been to inspect the most advanced science and technology in Japan. Among the exhibits, he was very much looking forward to the ASIMO demonstration. They also spoke about Osumane Sankhon, who is both a celebrity as well as a former Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea to Japan, and discussed the long-standing friendly relations between the Republic of Guinea and Japan with great enthusiasm.

At the ASIMO demonstration, the guests were impressed by ASIMO, which danced with smooth waves of its arms. They also viewed the Geo-Cosmos and Geo-Scope exhibits with great interest. In particular, talk of the earthquake disaster that struck Japan last year drew out their interest in the distribution map of earthquakes as viewed on a global scale from the Geo-Scope, and they were surprised at the large number of earthquakes that occur in Japan.

In the Space Habitation Module of the International Space Station (ISS) exhibit located on the fifth floor, they toured the toilet and rooms, and expressed their surprise at the level of hardship faced by astronauts living in a zero-gravity environment. They also showed interest in the development of the technology for the LE-7A engine of the H-IIA rocket, and of the manned submersible research vehicle "Shinkai 6500."

The guests were also introduced to the science communication activities implemented by Miraikan, as well as to the "TSUNAGARI" project, which questions the relations between human beings and the natural environment. The visit served as a valuable opportunity for Japan's science and technology diplomacy, and for bridging the connections in cultural and economic activities with the Republic of Guinea in the future.

(Science Communicator: Isao Yamasaki)

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