August 24, 2012 Guest

Guest : Professor Graham Durant (Director, Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre, Questacon) and Australian delegates

Professor Graham Durant, Director of Australia's National Science and Technology Centre, Questacon, and a group of Australian delegates visited Miraikan for the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two museums.

Questacon and Miraikan first signed the MOU in 2002, and this is the second re-signing of the MOU. The document was signed by Dr. Mamoru Mohri, Chief Executive Director of Miraikan, and Professor Durant, and witnessed by the Australian delegates and Miraikan staff.

After the signing ceremony, Professor Durant and the Australian delegates toured the permanent exhibition areas in Miraikan. The delegation viewed the Geo-Cosmos exhibit slowly while crossing the Oval Bridge, and took photographs with their digital cameras when they located the Australian continent. They appeared to have been moved by the sight of Earth as viewed from space, and the beauty of their motherland.

At the exhibition area on the fifth floor, they looked at the International Space Station (ISS), the LE-7A engine of the H-IIA rocket, and the manned submersible research vehicle "Shinkai 6500" with great enthusiasm. After that, they visited the Kagami Lab that comes under the Robot OS Project and which is located in the Research Building on the third floor. The delegation listened intently to the explanation about the research that was currently in progress, and were delighted to be able to visit the site of an actual research program.

Although the visit was a short one, the delegation enjoyed viewing the exhibits, as well as the exchanges with the Science Communicators. They commented that the Science Communicators played the extremely important role of connecting museum visitors and researchers. With the re-signing of the MOU, Miraikan and Questacon are likely to be even more proactive in carrying out joint events and other activities in the future.

(Science Communicators: Marin Chiba and Isao Yamasaki)

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