July 6, 2012 Guest

Guest : Mr. Zeng Peiyan (Vice-Chairman, *Boao Forum for Asia) and Mrs. Peiyan Mr. Zhou Wenzhon (Secretary-General, *Boao Forum for Asia) and Mrs. Wenzhon Mr. Yasuo Fukuda (Chairman, *Boao Forum for Asia) and Mrs. Fukuda Mr. Mikio Sasaki (Former Chairman of the Board, *Boao Forum for Asia; Senior Advisor to the Board, Mitsubishi Corporation)

*Boao Forum for Asia Vice-Chairman Mr. Zeng Peiyan and Mrs. Peiyan, Secretary-General Mr. Zhou Wenzhon and Mrs. Wenzhon, and 60 member entrepreneurs of the Forum flew in  from China to visit the Miraikan, a "place to experience Japan's science and technology". The party was greeted by Forum Chairman, Mr. Yasuo Fukuda, and Mrs. Fukuda, and Former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Mikio Sasaki.

Miraikan's Executive Director, Dr. Mohri, greeted the party with a warm address of welcome, expressing the museum's philosophy and briefly outlining the exhibitions of the Miraikan. Dr. Mohri also expressed his respect to the dramatic progress China has recently achieved in space and deep-sea exploration.

On the Permanent Exhibition floors, the party observed, together with other general visitors, demonstrations of the biped robot ASIMO and the Geo-Cosmos, which is a symbol exhibit replicating the Earth as it appears in space. The guests marveled at the vivid beauty of the Geo-Cosmos. When shown the earth's air temperature simulation from 1850 to 2100, all were astonished to see how the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, is causing climate change.

Both China and Japan need to share their wisdom and take initiative in today's world, especially with the pressing environmental issues. The fact that this year marks the 40th year since China and Japan restored diplomatic relations made this visit all the more meaningful. The Miraikan should continue to serve as a bridge in furthering friendly relations between the two nations.

*Boao Forum for Asia:
The Boao Forum for Asia is an international forum periodically held in Boao, Hainan Province, China. The forum mainly consists of business entrepreneurs, politicians, and academics in Asia who gather with a goal to bring together regional economies to further develop Asia as a whole. As more and more emphasis is put on Asia as a growing force in the world economy, the Forum is gathering more and more attention.

(Science Communicator: Masami Terada)

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