June 20, 2012 Guest

Guest : Prof. Graham Durant (Director of Questacon, Australia)
Dr. Goery Delacote (President of At-Bristol, United Kingdom)

The Miraikan welcomed two guests from Australia's and England's most renowned science museums for two days, for external evaluation of Miraikan's operations. Both guest are the world's top-class science museum specialists, and have a good understanding of Miraikan's philosophy.

On their first visit to the Miraikan since it was temporarily closed due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, Prof. Durant and Dr. Delacote observed Miraikan's new exhibitions including the "Geo-Cosmos", the Miraikan's symbol exhibit newly enhanced last June, and the "Songs of ANAGURA" which opened last August. When shown the Geo-Cosmos simulation of the March 11th tsunami off the coast of Tohoku, both keenly leaned in to see the ripple effect spread throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Their advice to the Miraikan was this: "To keep the creativity in a science museum, it is important to maintain strong teamwork and a culture that perceives failure as steps to success". It is clear that they hold high expectations for the Miraikan to be the leading edge for science museums around the world.

Science Communicator: Tomonori Hayakawa

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