April 2, 2012 Guest

Guest : Mr. Marcelino Medina Gonzalez (First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Cuba)

Mr. Marcelino Medina Gonzalez, First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, paid a visit to Miraikan.

At the permanent exhibition area of the museum, he viewed data of the Great East Japan Earthquake captured through the High Sensitivity Seismograph Network Japan "Hi-net" and gained a realistic sense of Japan as an earthquake-prone country. As he watched a related video on Cuba's K/T boundary impact layer, he listened to the researcher's commentary with deep interest.

After viewing the medical exhibition "Endoxa"  Mr. Gonzalez also expressed that he was impressed by the truly wonderful exhibition space, which had succeeded in facilitating free expression of personal opinions. He also showed a keen interest and understanding of the Miraikan "culture" while speaking about his overall impression of the museum, as he touched on the fact that mutual communication has been established between museum visitors and each staff member, as well as among museum visitors.

At the special exhibition "The End of the World--73 Questions We Must Answer" he carefully read each of the opinions written by museum visitors, and commented that every question was a difficult one for him. He also expressed a keen interest in how each museum visitor considered the question, spoke to people around them, and derived the answer. After viewing the exhibits, he had a chat with Miraikan Director, Dr. Mamoru Mohri. During the discussion, he expressed his surprise at the large number of questionnaire responses that showed people wanting to live long but simple lives. He then said that being Latin, he wanted to live a short but rich life. Director Mohri responded that he shared the sentiment although he was not of Latin blood.

Going forward, we are sure that diplomatic relations between Japan and Cuba will be supported by even tighter bonds.

Miraikan eagerly anticipates the day when we can welcome visitors from Cuba again.

(Science Communicator: Masami Terada)

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