December 14, 2011 Guest

Guest : Prof. LIM Tit Meng(Science Centre Singapore, Chief Executive)

Professor LIM Tit Meng, the Chief Executive of the Singapore Science Centre (SSC), visited Miraikan with his family. The SSC is a major, active national museum with over one million visitors a year. This was their first visit to Miraikan. In spite of the cold, rainy weather, the Singapore delegation was quite cheerful and excited to experience Miraikan.

During their science communicator-guided tour, they asked many questions not only about the exhibitions, but also the structure of the building and the meaning of the name "Miraikan." When they reached the International Space Station (ISS) exhibition area, Professor Lim found and pointed at the signature of Dr. Soichi Noguchi, the Japanese astronaut, written in Chinese characters on the ISS's habitation module. He told us that Dr. Noguchi recently visited the SSC and gave a great message to children.

Hosting the ASPAC (Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres) 2012 Conference, he seemed to be very enthusiastic when he discovered that I was among the Miraikan members slated to attend. He took my hand, smiled, and said "See you there! It'll be fun!" Professor Lim also hoped that SSC and Miraikan would continue with their strong relationship and grow together as world-class museums.

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