October 26, 2011 Guest

Guest : H.E. Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin Atabani (Advisor to the President of Sudan)

On a sunny, clear autumn morning, Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin Atabani, Advisor to the President of Sudan, visited Miraikan. Coming from Kyoto to Tokyo, he shared his impressions with the differences between the two cities, and expressed his excitement to experience the "future" at Miraikan. Our Executive Director, Mr. Motohide Konaka, introduced Miraikan's concepts, and then a science communicator provided a tour of the museum, highlighting the exhibitions and the demonstrations of Geo-Cosmos, our symbol exhibit, and ASIMO, the humanoid robot.

Dr. Atabani has a Ph.D. in clinical biochemistry and was a medical doctor. He was especially interested in the Life Science section. While examining the exhibitions showing technologies used to detect chronic diseases in their early stages, he talked about the differences between medical concerns between Japan and Sudan, with Sudan's main cause of fatalities being infections.

Throughout the museum tour, Dr. Atabani's enthusiastic love of science enhanced and enriched his experience. He commented that he expects the "future Miraikan" will make visitors feel a deep connection with nature and the universe, and will encourage visitors to give voice to their thoughts in interactive ways. Dr. Atabani's comment reinforced the essence of Miraikan's message of "TSUNAGARI", and signified his understanding of the connection or relationship(TSUNAGARI) each person has with our planet of life.

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