October 5, 2011 Guest

Guest : H.E. Mrs. Meira Kumar (Speaker, Lok Sabha)

H.E. Mrs. Meira Kumar, speaker of the lower house of the Parliament of India (Lok Sabha), paid a visit to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). In the meeting with Chief Executive Director Mamoru Mohri, he discussed the concepts behind the activities of Miraikan, which has marked its 10th anniversary, focusing on its "TSUNAGARI" Project. Touching upon the details of Miraikan's engagements to foster Science Communicators, a consensus was reached that "it is essential to cultivate politicians versed in science." Indeed, the previous president of India was from a science background. Both parties felt that the effort to link science and policy was being advanced on an international level, regardless of country borders. After the meeting, Science Communicators gave a tour of Miraikan. The LE-7A Engine brought the discussion to rockets and space debris. Furthermore, she investigated the nature of the March 11 tsunami through Geo-Palette and was surprised at how the effects of the tsunami rippled throughout the whole Pacific Ocean region. She also discussed her experience with the earthquake off the coast of Sumatra in 2004.
On the opportunity offered by this visit to Japan, the links between these two countries, with their common experiences, are sure to continue to deepen hereafter in both a scientific and cultural sense.

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