June 27, 2011 Guest

Guest : The Republic of Poland Mr. Miroslaw Sielatycki (Deputy Minister of Education)

Mr. Miroslaw Sielatycki, Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Poland, visited Miraikan. Poland is well-known as the home country of great scientists such as Madame Curie and Copernicus. In the meeting with Chief Executive Director Mamoru Mohri, Mr. Sielatycki explained that Poland is aiming to provide education that helps children, who will shape the future, take interest in the area of science and technology by fostering and placing importance on their curiosity as well as their desire to ask questions and learn more, instead of education in which the students merely find answers to questions.

After exploring the demonstration of the Geo-Cosmos, Mr. Sielatycki viewed how the various workings of the Earth are connected to one another, such as the relationship between the movements of the tectonic plates and the world's earthquakes, and the relationship between sea temperatures and the movement of bluefin tuna.

Poland is known as a highly artistic country which is home to the great composer Chopin and world-famous film directors such as  Andrzej Wajda. The Copernicus Science Centre that opened in Warsaw in 2010 is also carrying out activities with a new approach that combines science and art.

Miraikan expects that the friendly ties between Japan and Poland will deepen within the context of various cultural links including in the area of science.

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