March 4, 2011 Guests

Guest : The United States of America
Mr. Barry Lord (Co-president, Lord Cultural Resources)
Mrs. Gail Dexter Lord (Co-president, Lord Cultural Resources)

The Lord family, which is internationally active as a museum planner operating a company that handles planning/exhibit production of museums and art museums around the world, visited Miraikan from Canada during their visit to Japan.
In their meeting with Chief Executive Director Mamoru Mohri, opinions were exchanged actively as they commented and asked questions from the perspective of exhibition producers and planners as they heard explanations on the roles of science museums in the 21st century, the characteristics of exhibit production, the concept of management of Miraikan, and the social background which led to its opening. Furthermore, they expressed strong empathy, as the "TSUNAGARI" Project's message is about life on Earth linking together to exceed time and differences.
After the meeting, the couple eagerly listened to detailed explanations on the planning and production of exhibits as they viewed the Laboratory for New Media, A Hands-on Model of the Internet, and Shinkai 6500 with the guidance of a Science Communicator and also the person in charge of the production of exhibits.

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