August 23, 2007 Guests

Guest : Mr. Ryouji Noyori, Mr. Morio Ikeda, Ms. Kayoko Ebina, Ms. Yuka Shinagawa, Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa, members of Education Rebuilding Council and Ms. Eriko Yamatani, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister (in charge of Education Rebuilding)

The members of the Education Rebuilding Council, which was established in the ministry for the rebuilding of Japanese education through developing an educational system suitable to the 21st century, have been inspecting innovative educational sites located in various places. This time, they have visited Miraikan to see firsthand creative "practices outside of school related to science education aimed at children."

After they exchanged opinions on social links related to education and the collaborative activities between schools and science museums such as Miraikan with Director Mohri and the staff of Miraikan, they viewed the Permanent Exhibitions. They also toured the research labs in Miraikan where researchers are actively working and observed the condition of children participating in demonstrations for the summer vacation special event entitled "Meet a Scientist! Homework Festival." All members were very enthusiastic as they posed detailed inquiries toward all exhibits to which they were introduced. The way they enjoyed the exhibits at the Space Habitation Module and the robot area with robust interest was impressive.

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