August 13, 2007 Guests

Guest : Taku Satoh (Designer)

Taku Sato, who is one of the designers representing Japan, is active mainly in the field of graphic design. Recently he has covered such a broad range of activities such as art direction for TV programs, product development, etc., to the degree that everyone has seen his work at least once. He will be working as the director for the "water" exhibition, which will be held starting in October at the "21-21 DESIGN SIGHT," a facility for design, which is located in Tokyo Midtown at Roppongi.

As he is working toward the opening of the above-mentioned exhibition, on this occasion, he showed director Mohri his product related to water currently developed in collaboration with a nanotechnology researcher.
Clearly impressed by the superb design, director Mohri contemplated and performed different tests on this product which is technically cutting-edge as well, and showed his true fascination with science. He looked excited as he made remarks expressing how this kind of product will act to enhance children's interest toward science. Thanks to the director, a new sense of creativity and additional possibilities were added to the product for Mr. Sato as well. The two enjoyed their conversation on the development of this new product.

Furthermore, the director introduced images of tests which involved the use of water in zero gravity within the space shuttle. Mr. Sato seemed fascinated by the "Sculpture of Water" images which were projected one after another on the screen as he commented, "In space almost everything seems without limits."

Mr. Sato, who is also quite familiar with science, commented, "people say sensitivity is important to creators but, sensitivity is something everybody has. Thus, what becomes necessary are things such as facts and logic. Science is something really important to creators as well." Director Mohri responded by saying, "Scientists and creators are no different at heart." Both of them enjoyed their company as they talked about the common points inherent in both science and the creative process.

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