June 22, 2007 Guests

Guest : Dr. Yongyuth Yuthavong (Minister of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Thailand)

In the Kingdom of Thailand, where the people have a high interest in science and technology, Director Mohri presented a lecture in Bangkok for the August 2006 exhibition for the Science and Technology Week of Thailand.

Dr. Yongyuth Yuthavong, Minister of Science and Technology of Thailand accepted Director Mohri's invitation and visited Miraikan during his official duties visiting and reviewing many research facilities. Upon the occasion of the 2007 Annual Assembly of ASPAC (Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres) being held from June 19 to 22, participants in the ASPAC meeting from the science and technology museum of Thailand also toured the museum along with the minister.

The Special Exhibition "Science News! From Asia - Power of Asia, Power of Science" featured as one of the exhibits research on mircroorganisms that has proven helpful in developing new drugs in Thailand. The minister, who has engaged in the development of vaccines and research on malaria for 30 years and also emphasizes the promotion of science and technology as an educator, has commented on how he "wished to become the bridge that links the people's lives with science and technology." At Miraikan, which is itself based on this same concept, he interestingly viewed the exhibits as he carefully examined them.

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