June 9, 2007 Guests

Guest : H. E. Dip. Jorge Zermeno Infante (President of the Chamber of Deputies, United Mexican States)

The President of the Chamber of Deputies of the United Mexican States, H. E. Dip. Jorge Zermeno Infante visited Miraikan. The "Exploration of Time" exhibition, which was held in Miraikan, toured the Trompo Majico of Mexico from October 2004 to January 2005 and there were approximately 40,000 visitors during the term of exhibition.

President Zermeno viewed the Space Habitation Module, LE-7A Engine and etc., starting with demonstrations of ASIMO and Superconductivity with great interest. In addition to this, in the acupuncture area of the Vietnam section within the Special Exhibition "Science News! from Asia - Power of Asia, Power of Science" he eagerly asked questions since he is also receiving acupuncture treatment. At the end, he carefully checked out the museum shop and seemed to enjoy Miraikan and noted that it was the first place he visited during his journey to Japan.

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