June 4, 2007 Guests

Guest : Dr. Jiang Mianheng (Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Dr Jiang Mianheng, the Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences visited Miraikan during his latest trip to Japan.
The Chinese Academy of Sciences is a natural science/high tech general research center and a top-level science and technology academic institute of China established in November 1949. Since director Mohri is the international advisor for its new science and technology museum, whose construction is planned in Beijing, and, as there are exchanges with other science museums in China, Miraikan is establishing a close relationship with China.

As there were exhibits which introduced cutting-edge Chinese research due to the holding of the "Science News! Asia Exhibition" and due to the fact that Vice President Dr. Jiang Mianheng himself is also a scientist, he eagerly viewed the exhibits presented by Miraikan until closing time. In the Permanent Exhibitions, he seemed to be interested in the "SHINKAI 6500," "Space Habitation Module" and "A Hands-on Model of the Internet."

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