May 28, 2007 Guests

Guest : Mr. John Polk Allen (inventor, and co-founder of the Biosphere 2 )

Mr. John Polk Allen was the research director and founder of Biosphere 2; the largest global ecology laboratory to conduct closed system experiments in Arizona.

For achieving the magnificent challenge of human living on the moon, Mr. Allen and Director Mohri discussed on soil and its components together with microbes, which are important to sustain human life and even for moss adapting to special environments such as space.

He also visited the Space Habitation Module exhibit and indicated his interest on recycling in space and the bumper, which protects the Space Shuttle from debris.

He looked at the simulation of ocean current at the Geo-cosmos exhibit. He suggested that we shall concern about the home planet Earth based on its understanding, using advanced technologies developed by the industrial nations.

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