April 28, 2007 Guests

Guest : Mission of Digital IT Products and Related Materials and Components

Twenty-one members of the "Mission of Digital IT Products and Related Materials and Components" with Mr. Siew Wan-Chang as their leader, from Taiwan, visited Miraikan to observe the content which was on display.
Since the members of the visitation group were greatly interested in the development of Japan's IT industry, they eagerly viewed the exhibits of the "Information Science and Technology for Society" and the nanotechnology and demonstration of superconductivity within the "Innovation and the Future" on the 3rd Floor. In addition to this, they were delighted by the new version of the ASIMO robot that is able to run and dance.
They commented that Miraikan's notable characteristics are its hands-on exhibits and the easy-to-understand exhibitions and they expressed how the museum serves as a bridge that connects the specialized world of science and technology to the general public.

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