March 12, 2007 Guests

Guest : Mrs. Janette Howard (Wife of Australian Prime Minister)

Having been a former school teacher, Mrs Howard was very enthusiastic to discuss education issues. Mrs Howard mentioned that she had visited Questacon in Canberra, with which the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation has signed a cooperation agreement, many times as a school teacher, as a mother and also as the wife of the Australian Prime Minister. Mrs Howard was shown through many of the exhibitions in the museum, demonstrating keen interest in the interactive displays and the explanations provided by the museum Executive Director, Dr Mohri.

Mrs Howard is a strong promoter of breast cancer awareness. She spent considerable time at the medical and genome display, posing many questions to the interpreter who provided explanations of the exhibit. Mrs Howard showed particular interest in the 'Endoxa' (an area where museum visitors can exchange opinions with each other and with researchers).

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