December 24, 2003 Guests

Guest : Mr. Issey Miyake (fashion designer)

Mr. Issey Miyake and staff members of the Issey Miyake Office visited the Miraikan to participate in "Megastar - A Present of Starry Sky," a Christmas event.

Both science and fashion induce one to keep trying for something new without fear of failure. Mr. Miyake presented an A-Poc costume to Director Mohri. "A-Poc" means a piece of cloth and the A-Poc costume is a product of a novel idea and advanced technology which allow a person who intends to wear it to cut the fabric and create clothing according to his or her own design.
Did the Miraikan stimulate the creativity and the imagination of the Issei Miyake Office's staff? Let's look forward to their collection for the next season.

[Photo below] Director Mohri
talking with the staff members of the Issey Miyake Office.

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