December 24, 2003 Guests

Guest : Dr. Ryoji Noyori
(winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry for 2001 and President of RIKEN)

Dr. Ryoji Noyori, President of RIKEN, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for 2001, visited the Miraikan.
Touring through the museum, he saw the Shinkai 6500, ISS, the Geo-Cosmos, the Science Workshop and other exhibits. During the visit, there arose an occasion when the Nobel Prize winner asked questions which were so technical that it proved too difficult for interpreters to fully deliver!
On the Floor of "Innovation and the Future," a corner is provided to show some of the achievements of Dr. Noyori's study. There he signed his autograph on an exhibition panel.

In the Director's office, they exchanged views,
particularly on the importance of opportunities that would arouse interest in science and technology.

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