November 5, 2003 Guests

Guest : Dr. James E. Lovelock (biophysicist)
Mr. Bruce Bailey (President of Swatch Group Japan)

Today's guests were Dr. James E. Lovelock and Mr. Bruce Bailey. They visited Miraikan for the forum, "The Gaia Hypothesis and the Position of View toward the Future," held in the evening at the Symbol Zone. Dr. Lovelock is one of the scientists who represents the 20th century, known for the advocacy of the Gaia Hypothesis to take the earth as one life zone adjusting itself to optimum conditions, the development of an electron-seizure-type gas chromatography, and participation in the life-on-Mars probe project. Many people, including Director Mohri, admire and respect this visionary scientist. Mr. Bailey, who formed a warm friendship with Director Mohri on the occasion of the 18th Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers which took place a short while ago, is a promoter of the Forum. At the Forum, lively discussions were exchanged on the topics of Dr. Lovelock's "Gaia" and Director Mohri's "Mahoroba" or "outstanding place," and the future of the earth and the solar system, from the position of a view which takes a perspective of hundreds of millions of years. When Director Mohri sounded a signal, the Geo-Cosmos changed from the earth to Mars. "It's worth coming to Japan just to see this," Dr. Lovelock gave unstinted praise to the Geo-Cosmos.

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