November 5, 2003 Guests

Guest : Dr. Yoshihide Hayashizaki
(Project Director, Riken Research Institute)

Many kilos of dry ice are consumed to transport just a few test tubes and a huge freezer set at minus 80 degrees must be installed to maintain samples. Amid the rapid progress of genomic research, this problem disturbed world researchers who needed to exchange DNA samples and "DNA BookTM" has finally solved this challenging problem. Today, Dr. Yoshihide Hayashizaki (Project Director, Riken Research Institute), who led the development of the project, visited Miraikan, carrying the "DNA BookTM" with him.

"Life science is an academic genre difficult to be molded into a given "form." I am happy that we were able to remake it into this particular form," told Dr. Hayashizaki. Genomes are as extensive as an encyclopedia. If DNA can be taken out like a word found in a dictionary, then the dream of all researchers has been brought into a "form."
"Our first book was made entirely by hand. Thus, our next aim is cost reduction." His development efforts are continuing. On this visit, he donated a copy of his valuable book to Miraikan. Director Mohri thanked him, saying, "this book will be employed in a format that can communicate the epochal significance of this work."

The "DNA BookTM" will be exhibited on the 5th floor, "Life Science." You can read the report on the "DNA BookTM" at the Miraikan website; "Interpreters' Reports of Visits to Advanced Research Facilities."

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