August 8, 2003 Guests

Guest : Mr. Ingo Gunther(Artist, Journalist)

Mr. Ingo Gunther works as a worldwide artist and a journalist. His activity "World Processor," which continues to create terrestrial globes indicating the various conditions of the earth is very famous.
During his visit to Japan for his art exhibition, he visited the Geo-Cosmos with the invitation of the staff members of Miraikan.

Director Mohri was impressed by the story behind the production process of over 200 types of "World Processor" using scientific data and seemed to have thoughts regarding how to grasp the concept of the earth from a various point of aspects such as the ground, universe, science and social issues.
Whether it was the globe connection or not, both of them seemed to be frank from the beginning. As Mr. Gunther talked about his new night view contents, he showed Mr. Mohri a super detailed aerial photograph of the city Tokyo from his lap top which he claims was sent from "My friend currently up there in space" the day before. They were like two big kids as they both had their eyes fixed on the globe in the director's office and made promises to have the images and catalogue that Mr. Gunther created sent over. They began to sizzle as they talked about how they wanted to search the possibilities of the Geo-Cosmos along with various artists.
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