May 28, 2003 Guests

Guest : Mr. RYU (DJ)

Today, Mr. RYU, the box office navigator of J-Wave, visited Director Mohri for the recording of "WEEKEND CIRCUIT."
The theme was on the deep sea and the space. Director Mohri has had the experience of exploring the depths of the ocean with "Shinkai 6500" this past March.

The interview between Director Mohri, who has the experience both in the mysterious space and the deep sea, and Mr. RYU, who emphasize the importance of the spirit of inquiry, really sizzled up.
The discussion mainly continued with Mr. RYU's impressive questions on various topics, which would even make a professional grunt, and Director Mohri's explanations, which were concrete and easy to understand.

Among the discussion, they both sympathized towards the perspective of "people over things." Both of them believed that whether you are to come across the theme of deep sea or space, science and technology, the genuine importance lies on how people can feel and think as human beings. For further details, we recommend you to check out the program on J-Wave from 23:00-23:54 on Saturday, July 19th.

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