April 4th 2003 Guests

Guest : Mr. Maw-Kuen Wu ph.D. (Director of Institute of Physics)

Mr. Wu, who is famous as a researcher in the field of High Temperature Oxide Superconductivity and a discoverer of the Fishing Effect, had come to visit the museum from Taipei.
Mr. Wu and Director Mohri have conducted researches together at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville.

Mr. Wu showed us the actual demonstration of the Fishing Effect at the Superconductivity section on the 3rd Floor of Miraikan.
People must have been surprised to see this sudden performance of the world's famous scientist and Director Mohri.
Staff members with a variety of special knowledge work at Miraikan. If you would like to gain further information about Superconductivity, please do not hesitate to call out to one of our staff members on the Superconductivity section on the 3rd floor.

Together with the interpreters at the Superconductivity section in Miraikan

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