March 25th 2003 Guests

Guest : Dr. Masatoshi Koshiba (Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo)
Mr. Koichi Tanaka (Scientist of Shimadzu Corporation)
Mr. Jin Akiyama (Deputy Manager of Research Institute of Educational Development, Tokai University)

The Super Science Forum sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. 2002 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Dr. Masatoshi Koshiba, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo and Mr. Koichi Tanaka, a scientist of Shimadzu Corporation who received the same prize in Chemistry and Mr. Jin Akiyama, the Deputy Manager of Research Institute of Educational Development Tokai University, have participated in this event.

To foster future leaders in the field of science and technology, Super Science High School has given unique lectures for the past year under the collaboration with universities and research organizations to 26 of the appointed high schools in Japan. With some schools, the lectures were held in Miraikan. Director Mohri also joined in the panel discussion on "How to further enjoy science." The panelists including Director Mohri exchanged ideas regarding scientific research in Japan and talked about what motivated them to become a scientist. The event must have been a great opportunity for high school students to directly hear from scientists representing the world of science in Japan.

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