March 18th 2003 Guests

Guest : Mintos (Artist)
The Exhibition of "TIME! TIME! TIME! Exploration of Time" Opening Event

The preview and reception for our original project "TIME! TIME! TIME! Exploration of Time" Exhibition was held in the evening of March 18th at the Symbol Zone and the Event Zone located on the first floor of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. On that day there were over 500 visitors and the area was filled with feverish excitement.
(Director Mohri and Mintos (Experiences Djing)→)

At the reception site, the Geo Cosmos was decorated with the logo of "Exploration of Time" Exhibition and the guests wore a logo sticker. The entire place was covered in yellow, which was the exhibition's theme color. On the other hand, the press, guests and the navigators discussed the objects that were exhibited and time from a scientific point of view, at the site of where the exhibition was held.

oreover, as a special event for the party, Director Mohri had debuted as a DJ under the instructions of Mintos (a duo), who were also one of the collaborators for this event.

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