February 25, 2003 Guests

Guest : Hossain B. Danesh (psychiatrist)

Dr. Danesh is one of the founders of Landegg International University in Switzerland as well as a founder and director of the university's Education for Peace Programs. Dr. Danesh is also an author, international lecturer, and consultant with over 30 years of academic and clinical experience as a psychiatrist.
His areas of specialty include the causes and prevention of violence, marriage and the family, death and dying, consultation and conflict resolution, ethics, spiritual psychology, and world order and peace studies.
Dr. Danesh talked about how important children's education is in establishing peace along with diversity and he spoke of the Education for Peace Project taking place at schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mohri expressed agreement when Dr. Danesh explained that not only students, but also teachers, individuals working at the school, parents, and people from the surrounding neighborhoods are involved in the project. Topics discussed ranged from international affairs to religion. Dr. Danesh expressed that he was counting on Miraikan to play a role in encouraging the peaceful understanding and use of scientific technologies.

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