January 22, 2003 Guests

Guest : Aya Yoda (Violinist)

Violinist Aya Yoda brought her newly released CD with her when she visited Director Mohri.
Aya Yoda's activities as a violinist include performances with Ray Charles, Dionne Warwick, and many other artists. Aya Yoda endeavors to leverage the violin's possibilities as an instrument that is not constricted to any particular music genre. She is currently performing at live concerts throughout Japan.

Ms. Yoda kindly treated us to an impromptu mini recital in one of Miraikan's conference rooms. Director Mohri and staff who were working overtime gathered to listen to the beautiful timbre of the violin, which suspended time.
Ms. Yoda wishes to "share with as many people as possible the wonders of the violin─an instrument that at first glance seems out of reach." She also composes music. Miraikan's concept is to "have people experience science first-hand as a culture." This musician who shares Miraikan's concept as it applies to music brought new ideas to those she interacted with at Miraikan.

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