January 21, 2003 Guests

Guest : Yumi Matsutoya (Artist)

Today's visitor is the artist Yumi Matsutoya.
Yumi Matsutoya is very interested in Space, and it just so happens that she is now creating a song with Space as the motif. She even interviewed Toyohiro Akiyama right before the lift off of the space flight to Soyuz in 1990, when Akiyama visited Russia's Baikonur Space Launch.

Yumi Matsutoya became conscious of the fact that the Earth is a celestial body when she was traveling in the Sahara desert in the 1980s. This sparked her interest in Space.
Director Mohri and Yumi Matsutoya talked for a long time, covering topics from Matsutoya's desire to take a space flight to scientific technologies viewed over an extremely long time span to the future of mankind.

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