January 8, 2003 Guests

Guest : Ryuichi Sakamoto (Artist)

As you traverse the oval bridge that surrounds the Miraikan's Symbol Hall, you hear soothing music created by composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. He has been friends with Dr. Mori for some time now, and was in high spirits on a recent visit to Dr. Mori that rekindled their friendship. Upon checking the sound of his own music at the oval bridge, Sakamoto seemed deeply satisfied, commenting, "That's nice, isn't it? You could spend a day sleeping here." On perusing the Geo Cosmos exhibit, he said that he had never seen a nicer LED.
Sakamoto's extensive knowledge of science, particularly space, computers, and technology, was impressive.
Sakamoto stayed longer than he originally planned, using the the occasion of his visit to tour the Miraikan and strengthen his relationships with both Dr. Mori and the Miraikan.

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