Miraikan's approach to scientific themes

Miraikan considers science and technology as a part of culture. Here, culture refers to the comprehensive wisdom that is required to sustain and enrich the lives of human beings. It includes all human activities, from art and politics, religion, economics, education, and science and technology, to the various aspects of knowledge that support our lives.

Based on this concept, Miraikan encourages visitors to learn about themselves through the museum's exhibits and events, and to consider the future to create. As shown in the diagram, Miraikan has established the overarching theme of "TSUNAGARI," and separated the various fields of cutting-edge science and technology into the two themes of "Explore the frontiers" and "Create your future."
In "Explore the frontiers," we gain an understanding about the place of humans, through learning about space, and life. In "Create your future," together we explore ways to enrich the lives of humans, such as through innovation and information. These will in turn deepen our knowledge on our current selves and the Earth as it is today, and help us to create our vision for the future.

Explore the frontiers

Where do we come from? Who are we? By "exploring the frontiers," we gain important hints that can help us understand and locate ourselves.

Create your future

What kinds of technology do we use to build our future society? Let us consider what kind of future do we wish to create.

Discover your Earth

Everything around us is connected. By placing ourselves within this broad network of "TSUNAGARI" (links /relations /connections), we think to link our rich Earth today to the future.

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