In the summer of 2014,
we will make a declaration in Odaiba
to all the people living on the planet,
to “talk freely and openly about toilets!”


Defecation is proof of life. We invite you to talk openly about any concerns you may have regarding toilets.

We cannot continue turning a blind eye to what we do not want to see. It is time to consider the difficulties. Let’s contemplate the toilet, the “small hole that opens out into the world” and talk about our waste and the future of the earth.

So let’s be on our way to the world of toilets!

Exhibition Content

The exhibition is divided into 8 areas. Toilet and feces characters will explain different matters related to toilets, from the smell and shape of human waste to sewage treatment and environmental problems. The exhibition’s prologue and epilogue were produced by Mr. Osamu Suzuki, a television writer.


The Embodied Spirit

Lids that open automatically. Self-cleaning functions. The first thing you will see at the exhibition is intelligent, sophisticated cutting-edge Japanese toilets. Start by experiencing the spirit of hospitality found in Japanese toilets.


If Toilets Could Talk…

Have you ever wondered where the waste goes after flushing the toilet? Although toilets tend to stay silent, here a toilet will explain its frustration. Keep its words in mind through the exhibition.

Area 1

How Is Going Your Feces Today?

Even though it is part of daily life, most people don’t know much about feces. Your relationship with it will be explored by observing the feces of various different animals and discussing gut flora, which determines the condition of your health and feces.

Area 2

What Do You Do On the Toilet?

The toilet isn’t just a place for excretion. There are toilets where you can enjoy playing games or chatting. What kind of toilet would you like to have? Ideas on taking advantage of the bathroom space are presented here.

Area 3

Where Do Feces Go?

Put on a special hat and go on a journey through the sewer system! Go down a big toilet slide and experience the world beyond the toilet, including the process that purifies sewage and technology for recovering useful resources from waste.

Area 4

Could Space Toilets Be
Our Future Toilets?

In spacecraft, it is important to recycle the limited resources in order to maximize their usability. In order to create toilets suited to this environment that is almost Earth in miniature, toilets that can make food from human waste are being researched. Think of the ideal toilet while looking at conceptual models of space toilets that aspire to cope with both substance circulation and comfort.

Area 5

What Kind of Toilet Can Make
Everyone Happy?

There are a variety of problems facing toilets. Excretion is intertwined with human dignity and survival, and a person’s ideal toilet changes depending on their age and circumstances. Displays explaining many problems involving toilets will help visitors think about what kind of toilet can make everyone happy.


The Toilet Is Song

Having learned about how toilets work, their future, and the problems they face, you will no doubt sympathize with the anger and frustration of toilets. In this final area, a toilet will sing about its feelings and the topics that were covered up to this point. How will you respond to the song of the toilet?


Always Squeaky Clean!
A Hard-Working Toilet Boy

His daily routine is to flush feces and warm the toilet seat. He is a diligent and reliable worker, and he loves cleanliness.


A Waste-Boy Who Has Just
Returned from Kenya

He travels from a desire to find out how feces are flushed all over the world. His yellow body is because of his good health.


An Exuberant Waste-Girl
Who Loves Being Cute

She is Britto’s younger sister. She used to care only about her external appearance, but recently she was shocked to learn of her intestinal age.

Dr. Bendel

An Enthusiastic Scientist Studying
the Mysteries of Toilets

He is carrying out experiments on himself to study the effects of bad diets on feces. He has apparently been eating only vegetables recently….


A Frivolous Character Who
Loves Flushing Everything

He considers it “better to bend than break.” His favorite line is, “When I am not around everybody’s in trouble!”


“Feces Ambassador” in official

A popular character on the Fuji Television Network program “Mecha Mecha Iketeru! What A COOL we are!” was selected to be the official “Feces Ambassador”.

Osamu Suzuki

Television Writer

Producer of the Prologue and Epilogue

We tend to avoid talking about toilets in our daily lives. What is amusing about this exhibition is that we can think about toilets and human waste both seriously and comically. I particularly like the song I wrote for the Epilogue, “Ariga-toilet” I hope that children sing this song as they leave the exhibition venue and gain an increased appreciation of toilets.

Mamoru Mohri, Ph. D.

Chief Executive Director

The idea of National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) holding a toilet exhibition may perplex you. However, toilets are the best way of teaching us that our daily lives are connected to the entire earth. Please actively discuss the relationship between toilets, human waste and the earth with your entire family.