Exhibition Outline

More than 200 items treasures.
A large assortment of surprising inspiring “Made in Japan”.

Japan is blessed with being the "only one" and "number one" in the world in various aspects, from its rich yet harsh natural environment, to its tradition, technology, cuisine, and popular culture. It boosts a culture and monozukuri (manufacturing) technology that is elaborate, detailed, and exudes the spirits of Japanese hospitality. In this exhibition more than 200 items, which are the world-leading Japan's monozukuri technology, are literally "treasures" from Japan.

Although Japanese companies may be facing some financial difficulties, Japanese manufacturers are riding higher and higher on innovation. In terms of manufacturing digital cameras, endoscopic instruments, and electronics-related parts, for instance, these companies have almost 100% of the world share. On the other hand, in the fields of the foods and the entertainments, Japan has kept on producing products unique to Japan which are getting attention from all over the world.

In this exhibition, we can look back at the roots of Japan’s technological culture that has been handed down through from generation to generation from ancient times. You will discover that the roots of innovative monozukuri such as “transmission of technology” and “co-existence with nature” can be found in technologies that support our daily life and that a wide variety of technologies which has been refined through a long history can lead to new technologies that create the future. You can run through a thousand and several hundred years in a short time, from traditional technologies to most-advanced big projects.

Secrets to undertaking the treasure hunt

(1) Look carefully from different perspectives.
(2) Imagine the person who had created the item, and think about how they created it.
(3) Imagine yourself using it, and think about how everyone else will use it.

Treasure-hunt clues

(1) Heritage of skills
(2) Living with nature
(3) Obsessiveness
(4) Mottainai (Desire to avoid wastefulness)
(5) Omotenashi (Hospitality)

Exhibition content

More than 200 items of treasure, which are the world-leading Japan's products, are waiting for you. Let’s go hunting for treasure.

Introduction of the zones


The first zone relate to technology and spirit that has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 1300 years, such as the Shikinen Sengu, ceremonial rebuilding of Ise Jingu, tatara iron making, woodworking, and Nihonto, Japanese Sword. This zone will give the thoughts for the roots of Japanese creativity from the standpoints of history, environment, and culture.

Ise Grand Shrine ©Sengukan

Munamochi-bashira(main column)©Sengukan

Innovations That Have Changed Japan and the World

There are many products that brought affluence to Japan and changed the world by proposing new ideas and technologies. That kind of creativity has been continuously handed down from generation to generation, leading to innovations and the products. “Walkman®” “Cup Noodle” and “Super Cub” are good examples of well-known Japanese products. Two-way sockets and calculators are the other familiar household goods from Japan.


Cup Noodle

Discover Life Surrounded by Unique Inspirations “Made in Japan”

From morning till night, items we use casually in our daily life may be a world's “number one” technology. In this zone, consisting of CLOTHING, FOOD, HOUSING, BEAUTY, and PLAY corners, astonished but sophisticated products such as the sushi-go-round conveyer, makeup brushes, or squid fishery robots are waiting for you. The hearts of Japan, pursing delicious, beautiful, and peace, are the figures of eternity.

The most pearls on a wedding
dress designed by Yumi Katsura


Sneaking into the Factory Filled with Unique Inspirations “Made in Japan”

Japan's high-quality innovative manufacturing is supported by exceptionally fine and detailed technology. Japan's industries that lead the world are abundant with “ultra-technologies” about which the manufacturers are pay attention to the smallest details. In this zone, we will introduce you to where the world's number one products are produced such as the world's smallest springs to automobiles and urban development

Aluminum Violin by “Uchidashi-bankin”,
3D sheet metal forming method

Manufacturing of ultrafine helical springs

Big Projects Lead Us into the Future

The climax of the exhibition is about gigantic projects such as the Epsilon rocket project and Tokyo Skytree®. The technologies that make a precise timetable and support maintenance and inspection, all of which provides Japan's bullet trains enable to operate intervals of minutes with blistering speed, are Japan's total powers. Big projects that can be achieved by the total power combining the world's number one technologies and human beings give dreams and hopes to people, leading culture and wisdom to the future.

Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

Epsilon Rocket ©JAXA

The “World's Best” Created by Everybody

An installation that every single visitor can participate in is here. You can give your applause to laud world-leading technologies and the people behind them, and express your hopes for the future.