Special Exhibition "UMESAO Tadao: an explorer for the future"

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"UMESAO Tadao" Exhibition Outline

Provided by Yomiuri Shimbun
Mountain Sketch (1973)
Memos for "The Art of Intellectual Production" (1960s)

Umesao was a science professor, but his work transcended the realms of science. The huge amount of references he collected from his tireless fieldwork, and the exchange he had with intellects in various fields lead to an innovative approach in perceiving the world. His book, "The Art of Intellectual Production" which shares the arts of producing knowledge and the essence of intellectual activity, has been a long seller.

The exhibition will show cards and memos Umesao used in writing this book, and the notes, sketches, and journals he kept during his field work in Japan and abroad. We will see the fruits of his limitless intellectual activities. The Tokyo site will also offer additional digital content featuring comments from prominent figures in various fields on Umesao's unfinished book "The Future of Mankind (Jinrui no Mirai)." The visitors will also be able to post messages about their views of the future.

During the term, a symposium titled "Passing on the Baton to Explore the Future" will be held. The symposium will be reexamining the world through Umesao's perspective of ecological history. We will have cross-generation talks to contemplate our future, with Japanese intellects that formed the foundation of the knowledge structure we have today, prominent specialists, and students who will be shouldering our future.

Our hope is that the tools and methods with which our "intellectual giant" analyzed the present and explored the future will serve as a compass for us, as we navigate through these doubtful times.

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December 21 (Wed.), 2011 - February 20 (Mon.), 2012
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Special Exhibition